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  • xAGRx's Suggestion - AGR#9999


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    Username: MainManApple

    What is your in-game username?

    What is your Discord username? AGR#9999

    Brief description of your suggestion.
    Old shared opening animation

    Detailed explanation of your suggestion.
    The old animation of shards were as follows, you were put into a GUI where there were dead bushes and shards the would scroll across vertically, once the shard was unlocked/failed there were 3 other thing u would get including CH XP, I boosters, Eco ticket. this made it so u could also close out of the shard making it so u had the random chance of unlocking etc and u still also got items even if u failed the shard which would be so much better.

    How do you think this would improve Hellbounds?
    It would make i boosters / ikits more prevalent which is nice seeing as right now it feels impossible to obtain all the ikits as there is so many along with little ways to get shards AND i boosters are very hard to come by.

    Anything else you'd like to add?


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    I like this idea, now if you fail a shard you have wasted anywhere from 100-400m and it makes it almost not worth buying.