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  • Content Update Update 1.8 - Slayer, April Monthly Crate, etc.


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    Update 1.8 Changelog

    🧛‍♂️ Slayer


    Slayer is the next evolution in Hellbounds PVE. It comes packed with new tasks, new mobs, and new loot - with even further expansion planned for the future! Talk to Valguard in Spawn to begin your adventure.

    🧟‍♂️ Slayer Summoner Kit

    This is a new Standard kit that contains multiple spawn eggs for EVERY type of Slayer Mob that is in the game at the moment! This will help you to complete your Slayer Tasks and to get custom loot faster! Check it out in our shop!

    🐇 April Monthly Crate


    New month new cosmetics! This month, you can find 4 NEW PREFIXES and 3 NEW TRAILS in the Monthly Crate. Check it out in our shop!





    🤸‍♂️ Parkour Pads


    Parkour Pads allow you to create parkour courses on your island, and will automatically handle respawning, checkpoints, and record tracking! There are three different types of Parkour Pads: Start, Checkpoint, and End. They can either be crafted or bought from the Engineer in the market!

    Parkour START Pad:

    Parkour CHECKPOINT Pad:

    Parkour END Pad:

    🛠️ Other Noteworthy Changes
    • Absorption 1 can now be used with the Boss Set Effect active
    • Enchanted Salmon now works as intended
    • Custom fish caught from fishing can be sold to Old Man Fisher again
    • The Black Market now only changes per IP address instead of per player
    • The Turkey Set Effect now works as intended
    • Fixed an item duplication glitch involving fishing rods
    • Added more Black Market management commands for admins
    • The Traveling Merchant may travel off of cliffs less. Or maybe he will keep doing it. There's no way of telling.
    • Added 3 new Slayer-related armor sets