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  • Content Update Update 1.7 - Frost Mines, March Monthly Crate, PVP Tweaks, etc.

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    Update 1.7 Changelog

    ⛄ The Frost Mines & Frost Mines KOTH


    The Frost Mines are two new islands that can be found in the outer edges of the warzone! They are both filled with new blocks that can be mined for high-value ores and GUARANTEED OPENABLES.

    The larger of the two islands (in the South-West corner of the warzone) also has a brand new Control Point mechanism, the FROST MINES KOTH, which can be found in the very middle of the castle.


    The Frost Mines KOTH is always active, and will always be in the same spot in the Frost Mines. This means that you could be king of the Frost Mines 24/7 if you feel up to it! It works similarly to the randomized KOTHs but with a few key differences:
    • You will earn 1 Challenge XP for every second that you control the control point​
    • Rewards will be given to the top 3 players with the most points every hour, in the form of a Frost Mines KOTH Crate​
    The loot in the Frost Mines KOTH Crate is different from that of the regular KOTH Crates, so make sure to check it out for yourself!

    🎁 March Monthly Crate

    In case you missed the announcement for it, the March Monthly Crate is now available for purchase in our shop! With it, you have the chance to earn BRAND NEW cosmetics that were made for the month of March!

    Click here for more information.

    ⚔️ PVP Tweaks

    This week we held our first community discussion over on our discord server, in which we discussed with you all what kind of changes you would like to see made to PVP. We made note of these and went ahead and implemented them for this week's update.

    • Strength 2 potions are no longer craftable
    • Strength 2 potions can only be used in PVE scenarios (bosses, mob arena, etc) - they cannot be used in the warzone
    • Items now have a limit of 10 soul stones. Existing items that exceed this limit will keep their soulbinds, but you may not add any more to the item until it falls below 10 soulbinds
    • Soulbound items will continue using remaining soulbinds until they eventually succeed in activating
    • The COMBO enchantment now only stacks up to tier 5 against other players, but up to 10 against mobs
    • The THIEF enchantment will now only be able to steal helmets and boots from enemy players
    • With the THIEF enchantment, you will now collect the 5% death tax from the player you kill rather than it being lost forever
    • Players who have been buried cannot be frozen by FrostWalker 3 within 30 seconds of being buried, and players who have been frozen by FrostWalker 3 cannot be buried within 30 seconds of them being frozen

    🛠️ Other Noteworthy Changes
    • Fixed a security vulnerability that allowed players to obtain unauthorized admin commands
    • FrostWalker 3 Freeze no longer puts players into a glitched state that allows them to be hit from many blocks away
    • Added new tiers to the Bank, allowing for a total maximum bank balance of 500,000,000 Stars
    • Players can no longer consume Fishing Bait
    • Fixed an issue with the Black Market not loading Black Market data correctly
    • Fixed an issue causing the Traveling Merchant to float in the air
    • The Traveling Merchant can no longer spawn in safezones
    • You must be at least player level 30 to access the Black Market
    • Added welcome broadcasts for new players
    • Various code optimizations

    📢 Upcoming Community Discussion

    We are going to be hosting another community discussion on Monday to discuss the community's desired future for the server. Find out more information and get notified when the discussion goes live here

    🤔 Coming Soon...

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    Exciting update hopefully discussion monday goes well. p.s cant wait for slayer