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  • Content Update Update 1.6 - Black Market, Space Set Return, Top Voters, etc.


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    Update 1.6 Changelog

    🕵️‍♂️ The Traveling Merchant & The Black Market


    The Traveling Merchant is a new NPC that can be found in the warzone! He will spawn in a random location EVERY WEDNESDAY (Eastern Time), and he will wander around the area. He will despawn at the end of the day and will only come back the next Wednesday.

    What's so special about him? Well, he provides direct access to the BLACK MARKET - a new shop on Hellbounds that can sell OP loot that was previously unobtainable from a shop, existing shop items at a discount, and new black market-exclusive items (more on that later).

    Every week, the Black Market gets refreshed with a new set of 5 items for sale. Each player will get a different set of 5 items in their Black Market, so the items that you have access to in your Black Market may not be the same as someone else's!

    🥇 Monthly Voting Leaderboard


    We've added another way to get rewarded from voting for our server on our official server listings (along with what's already accessible from /vote shop)! At the end of every month, the top 10 players with the most voting points for that month will be rewarded:
    • 🥇 1st Place: Monthly Crate
    • 🥈 2nd Place: Random Immortal Shard
    • 🥉 3rd Place: Random Corrupted Kit Key
    • ⭐ 4th-10th Place: 2,000 Challenge XP
    These items will be sent to your island's dropzone at the end of the month, when the leaderboard resets. Don't worry, you can still use the points you earned that month in the vote shop! Type /vote list in-game to view our server listings, vote for the server on each listing, and climb the voting leaderboard!

    🌌 Return of the Space Set


    The Space Set is the first Black Market-exclusive armor set! Some of you may remember it from previous iterations of the project. You'll have to be pretty lucky to get your hands on the full set!

    🎣 Angler Immortal Kit

    1645818084843.png 1645818791058.png

    This is our first PVE-oriented Immortal Kit, which is geared directly for fishing! Along with the new Angler Set Effect, it contains fishing bait, openables, and a Flail - a fisherman's weapon of choice!

    🔨 Other Noteworthy Changes
    • Ender-pearl teleports will now be prevented while in combat if the destination is a No-PVP zone
    • Any form of teleportation will now be prevented while frozen by the FrostWalker set effect
    • Fixed a bug with the Auction House that would prevent bids from going through properly
    • Removed the ability to alchemize potions that are level 3+
    • Fixed a server crash related to bosses
    • KOTH will now give a message for each item rewarded from it
    • Players can once again purchase from player shops while the owner is offline
    • If the stock chest of a shopkeeper is not loaded, then the shopkeeper will be marked as closed
    • Schematics/Schematic Previews are now functional again
    • Various code optimizations
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