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  • Content Update Update 1.5 - Spawner Upgrades, Acid Storm Rework, New Kits, etc.


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    Update 1.5 Changelog

    Acid Storm Gen Rework

    We've made changes to make Acid Storm Generators more desirable across the board. Some of these changes have already been available on the server, but they're worth mentioning because they tie directly into this update.
    • Acid Rain Storms will randomly turn 10 Sky Chests into IMMORTAL CHESTS that can be unlocked INSTANTLY
      • Acid Rain Immortal Chests will launch fireworks to stand out from the regular Sky Chests
      • Acid Rain Immortal Chests will be converted into regular Sky Chests once the Acid Rain dissipates, so
        they can only be claimed while Acid Rain is active!
    • Removed non-poison damage ticks from Acid Rain, meaning Acid Rain can no longer kill you
    • Increased poison effect to level II (up from level I)
    • The Zombie armor set now works against Acid Rain
    • Decreased Acid Rain Storm duration to 1 minute (down from 5)
    • Made the sound that Acid Rain plays when you get damaged a little bit easier on the ears
    • The Acid Storm Generator's personal lottery now gives you 8 items (up from 5)
    • Made all storm gen/immortal star announcements look a bit more modern

    2 New Immortal Kits - Turtle & Serpent

    1645218984600.png 1645219062846.png
    Turtle Armor Set:
    • Applies permanent Slowness I to the wearer
    • Blocks any other incoming form of the Slowness effect

    Serpent Armor Set:
    • Pressing SNEAK will spit Venom in the direction you are looking
      • Venom Spit will apply 5 seconds of Nausea and Poison to an enemy player if they get hit by it
      • Regardless of whether or not you land your Venom Spit shot, there is currently a 35s cooldown between uses

    New Kit - Bait

    A new kit is available for purchase in the store! It comes with a considerable amount of fishing bait every week! This is perfect for those who would rather spend their time on their islands than at the mercy of the warzone. Check it out now!

    Other Noteworthy Changes
    • We heard you loud and clear - the Tank enchantment once again gives 2 full hearts per level (up from 1)
    • The Boss Armor Set is once again able to be found in Boss Chests
    • Each armor piece in the Boss Set comes with Tank V
    • The Boss Set Ability has been changed to allow Tank to stack with other Boss Set armor pieces (up to 30 total hearts)
      • This means that you don't need to have the full set equipped to utilize some of the benefits of the Boss Set
      • For example, if you have 3 out of the 4 pieces equipped, you will still have a max health of 25 hearts
      • Absorption can no longer be used with the Boss Set equipped to prevent players from getting upwards of around 50 hearts
        • Absorption Potions/Golden Apples can still be consumed, but the Absorption will be removed upon consumption
    • Added a [TUTORIAL] button to the server's join message that links you to a Hellbounds server guide made by @ItsFanno and @D_angelo17
    • Made fishing slightly easier to understand by indicating when to left/right click
    • Our friends at Badlion removed that pesky scoreboard notification for you all. Make sure your Badlion Client is updated if you use it!
    • Sunken Services has a new logo! You can catch a glimpse of it in the bottom right corner of this week's update header!


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