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  • Quality of Life Update Update 1.4 - Mob loot changes, KOTH openable, Fishing Openable


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    Update 1.4 Changelog​

    • Active mob killing now has a separate loot table than passive mob kills, offering better loot chances.
    • Winners of the Warzone build event competition have been implemented into the warzone. As well as a couple of bonus islands. There is also a new boss arena.
    • Fishing Spinner openable will be added in the next couple of days, featuring high-value loot to enhance the fishing experience even more.
    • King of the Hill now has an openable drop for winners, instead of a random reward from the loot table. We have also buffed the loot table for King of the Hill crates.
    • Islands will now re-determine their premium status when the owner warps to the island
    • NPCs will now properly follow when set to follow
    • New “Hellbounds” themed island template available to Demonic+
    (Built by @IsItFanno)
    • When you die in the warzone with more than 100k you will only lose 5% of the stars you’re carrying.
    • More bank tiers have been added, increasing the maximum amount of stars you can hold in them.
    • Upon a player opening immortal chests, players will have a 20 second grace period to loot them before a sky drop can be used.
    • Abilities and bleed will no longer cause damage through savior
    • Various bug fixes


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    I guess I'll take third this time :cautious: