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  • Content Update Update 1.3 - Fishing


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    Update 1.3 Update Log​

    Welcome to the Fishing Update!​

    Fishing is dramatically different now, left click to loosen, right-click to pull. Once the bobber is close enough you'll catch the fish. Use tiered bait to enhance the rewards you get, there are also tiered fishing rod poles and lines for you to enhance your rod. Take them to the old man fisher shop, and you'll be able to upgrade them there. There are 4 tiers in fishing. Bad, Average, Great, and Delicious. You’re able to get Immortal Shards, Prefixes, high-value fish, boss eggs and so much more!

    Chunk hoppers have been given a bit of an update, you’re now able to filter for items that you want a chunk hopper to pick up. In order to do so, you will first need to acquire a Hopper Filter. Their access is now also corrected to require the “Chunk Hopper Interaction” permission.


    Other notable changes:
    • Infernal rank now offers access to /sellchest
    • Party Animal Immortal Kit has returned
    • Bury has a 1 minutes cooldown for the player affected by it
    • Frost Walker's Freeze effect has a 1-minute cooldown for the player affected by it
    • Added boss eggs (very rare) to immortal stars
    • Added iron golem, witch, creeper, zombie spawners to immortal stars
    • Buffed chances for openables, other loot in immortal stars
    • Added chance to get random immortal unlock to immortal stars
    • Added hunter, wrestler, and Party Animal shards to immortal star
    • Various other loot table adjustments
    • Immortal Shard: Nope has been removed from the loot table
    • Flight will now properly work with custom dropzones
    • Corrected clear dropzone command for custom dropzones
    • Corrected compact dropzone command for custom dropzones
    • Auto Smelters can't be stolen anymore
    • Healer set adjusted to only heal party members if in a party
    • Biome Bones and Random Biome Bones added

    February Monthly Crate

    This month's crate has two prefixes and two trails available to you.




    Finally, it’s time for another giveaway!​

    This time you can win a KEYBOARD, MOUSE, or HEADSET worth up to $130!​

    See full information at