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  • Important Quality of Life Content Update TFI Update log 1.0


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    Welcome, one and all to the post that we've all been wanting to make for months now. Whilst I do want to mention that this is, by no means, the final exhaustive list of all of the changes we made to TFI, it should be noted that these are the more notable ones.​

    Challenges have received a complete and utter overhaul as barely a shred of the old system remains. Whilst I can't mention all of the notable changes here, I'll save a few of the bigger ones here for you all to enjoy.

    On TFI, you'll come to find brand new challenges, a brand new difficulty (Master, for you tryhards), and more things for you to do and enjoy. For example, we've added over 50 new challenges, and altered (at least somewhat), over 100 more?

    With this new system, you'll see a shake-up of the traditional Hellbounds challenge structure. Challenges now follow a stage and task format, versus the "do x tasks" format found in the previous challenge system. But what does this mean for you, I hear you say? Well, basically it means that certain challenges (such as larger campaign ones) will have multiple tasks to complete across multiple areas (some are even themed!) for you to complete before you complete further tasks, and then finally, the challenge overall. This may mean that a few of your older challenges have been bundled together, and some of the.. less.. desirable ones have been re-worked or removed completely altogether (like who wanted to craft paintings, anyway?). This also means that passes have more of a worth now, as they skip more than they were ever able to before.


    But what about PvP-based challenges? And what about the more island-centric grind challenges? Well, for the people that play in a specific way, I have some fantastic news for you. Starting on TFI, you will be able to pick the challenges that you wish to do.

    After certain campaign challenges, you will be presented with the option to pick as to which campaign challenge track you'd like to do next. Want to do a mining challenge? Sure, go ahead! Want to do a PvP challenge next? Go right ahead! Just keep in mind that because you picked a specific route doesn't specifically mean that it's going to be the easier one.

    Banking is a brand new system added to TFI. When exploring ways to provide more worth to currency, we decided it appropriate to bring a risk to losing a fight in the warzone in the form of currency loss. Want to prevent this from happening? Head to the Banker and start the Providing to the Banker challenge to begin your banking account journey straight away! However, we know that not everybody will like this system straight away, but we hope to expand it a bit more in a future update with community feedback so that we can get it to a point that everybody will enjoy.

    But what does opening a banking account actually provide to you? Well, other than safety from losing your money in the warzone, opening a bank account allows you to receive an interest rate (dependent on your banking tier), which will allow you to receive money back from the Banker's investments! Free money for doing nothing? Sign me up!

    Using your banking account, you can also upgrade it not only for your ability to receive interest and expand the limits of your deposits, but you can also increase your personal vault sizes! Oh, did I mention that vaults have been completely redone in an easier to navigate way that will never leave you scratching your head whilst attempting to navigate it ever again?

    We heard you loud and clear. You wanted easier and better ways to support our server, so we obliged. Using /vote list you can view a list of sites you can vote and support for Hellbounds on. When you vote for us, you earn 1 Voting Point that can be spent on any item in our /vote shop free of charge and without any chance added. Now, there has never been an easier way to support our network and earn yourself goods at the same time! Who said a little quid-pro-quo hurt anybody?
    Psh, dropping items on the ground makes them dirty, didn't you know? Now, you can use /trade and trade your ill-gotten-gains to nearby players to your hearts content without there being a risk of another player coming past to steal it!
    New Nicknaming System:
    Now I won't talk about this much extensively here as it was already detailed in the new discord announcement, but there is a brand new nickname system for all infernal rank users to love and enjoy. It is important to note that you can only switch nicknames whilst being in a pvp-free area, and it is also important to note that you can only set your nickname and skin to be something random.

    Before we get on to the misc. changes, I think you need to bask in the beauty of TFI a little.





    Miscellaneous Changes:
    • Fixed a typo where certain areas would refer to "Altar" as "Alter".
    • Removed Disarrays.
    • Removed Protection 5 enchantments from all books and armor. (We know this will cause a huge fuss in the community to some, but trust us -- this is needed for the longevity of PvP on the server, and if it's needed, we can always tweak it again later ;)).
    • Islands will now list the premium type that they are.
    • Completely overhauled the backend for player loading. Now, you will notice that your joins are a lot more snappy than they were before.
    • You can now use /warzone whilst on an island.
    • Warzone Kill Challenges beginning will no longer warp you to spawn if you're in a safe area (such as the market).
    • The Mob Arena now uses NPCs to pick kits instead of signs.
    • The platform for Mob Arena no longer spawns in, preventing you from being stuck.
    • Mob Arena will now do a better job of cleaning up after itself, although, there will be more features to come to mob arena in future updates.
    • Spells will now only affect those you're in combat with.
    • Hit detection is vastly superior vs magic (before the recent update).
    • Scoreboards will now actually display the lines that they're supposed to display.
    • Prefixes will no longer randomly remove themselves.
    • The Frosty set effect was fixed.
    • There is now a tax on player shops.
    • The Racer "Crash" set effect now works as intended.
    • Tank will no longer unequip your extra hearts when a piece of your armor breaks.
    • Various typos referring to the Warzone as the "warzone" have been fixed.
    • Various messages around the server have been cleaned up, allowing you to see what you need to see when you see it.
    • Fixed a dupe bug revolving around server restarts.
    • Fixed a dupe bug revolving around immortal shards.
    • Fixed a dupe bug revolving around personal vaults.
    • Fixed a bug allowing players to use glowing items in the Boss Altar.
    • Fixed a bug that would take your Immortal Chests when using a key on a previously used chest.
    • Fixed a bug that would allow you to cancel another in progress warzone event (such as replacing a kill challenge with a chaos mode).
    • Removed Challenge Competitions (We want to bring these back, better than ever, in a future update, I promise!)
    • Added Random Boss Eggs.
    • Fixed a bug that would allow you to leave your island borders in certain scenarios.
    • Fixed a bug that would allow you to place things inside of your island dropzone area.
    • Fixed a bug that would allow you to place schematics in restricted areas.
    • Fixed a bug that would result in your immortal shards improperly displaying their cooldown timer/double clicking.
    • Acid Storms were slightly reworked. ;)
    • Collectibles can no longer be used to charge boss eggs.
    • Fixed a bug where poison obtained from The Void would override poison obtained from Acid Rain Storms.
    • The tab list will now order everyone by rank.
    • The tab list will now display the online player count for the server.
    • Player name tags will now display their prefix and prestige(s) both on top of their heads and in the tab list.
    • Replaced Boss Crystals with Boss Keys.
    • Enchantment books now show descriptions for the enchantment in question, as well as the enchantment's maximum level.
    • Potion Recipe books now show descriptions for their potions.
    • Fixed a bug that would allow ruptures to break things they shouldn't.
    • Completely re-done Toggles GUI.
    • Completely re-done Prefixes GUI.
    • Completely re-done Trails GUI.
    • Fixed a bug that would prevent you from dropping items in certain scenarios due to you not standing on "solid ground".
    • Fixed a bug that would get you caught in an infinite void loop whilst using ender pearls.
    • Fixed a bug that would allow you to get stuck in the safety barriers whilst in combat.
    • Fixed a bug where illusion would use the wrong player's name.
    • Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow you to use commands in arena-related situations.
    • You can now instantaneously leave mob arena when it is between waves.
    • Added a toggle for Warzone Rocket Notifications.
    • Loot will now drop at the last "safe" place a player was before they died, preventing players from jumping in to the void on purpose before they die to void their gear. (you salty players, you!)
    • Soul stones now have a slight chance of not actually working, but only under certain conditions (to prevent players from being able to stack too many on a piece of gear).
    • Container locks will now no longer display a message stating that there is already a lock on the chest when there isn't.
    • The Boss Set Effect now allows for tank-related health to stack, instead of capping it at it's usual 30, giving it a larger viability in combat.
    • Stars will now drop on your death (check the banking changes above, it's important!)
    • Added tiering to all kits.
    • Implemented a specific category for ranked kits.
    • Re-did the Kits GUI.
    • Added more kits-related commands.
    • The Leprechaun Set Effect can now spawn the random openables from Transmogrification Potions.
    • /feed can now be used in any pvp-free area.
    • /craft can now be used in any pvp-free area.
    • Boss cooldowns are now per-arena.
    • Boss-related spawning effects are now less intense.
    • Altered the Transmogrification 1 Potion Recipe.
    • Nerfed Strength/Frost Walker Potion Effects.
    • Frost Walker has been nerfed (Yay!)
    • Frost Walker's cooldown was increased to 1m30s.
    • Whilst frozen by Frost Walker, you can no longer get stuck mid-air.
    • Whilst frozen by Frost Walker, you can now slightly turn your head, to at least have a fighting chance.
    • Bosses can now take bow-related damage.
    • You can no longer glitch in to arena guardian rune protected boss arenas.
    • Fixed exploits allowing for players to view nicknamed player's names.
    • You can now tab complete chat channels in /chat.
    • Pistons are now slightly more reliable when it comes to randomly not breaking. They still will, to prevent lag, but it's a lot more predictable now.
    • Hoppers are now slightly more reliable when it comes to randomly not breaking. They still will, to prevent lag, but it's a lot more predictable now.
    • Re-did the server's capability to handle connections. (300 player count, anyone?)
    • Re-did the backend with custom blocks.
    • Ore seeds can now be broken without breaking the redstone block underneath.
    • /leveltop is now a lot more reliable.
    • The Blacksmith is back! (have fun salvaging items!)
    • Improved teleportation-related performance.
    • Fixed an issue where restarts wouldn't display the timer properly.
    • Brewing stands will no longer drop on to the ground.
    • Potions can no longer be brewed in brewing stands at all.
    • Island schematics will now show their creator(s).
    • TFI now has the community-created schematics loved by all.
    • Player Kill Trackers will no longer show mob-related kills, only player ones.
    • There are now monster-related and animal-related kill trackers (i.e Iron Golem Kill Trackers, Pig Kill Trackers, etc), only one entity-related kill tracker (excluding player kill trackers) can be placed on a weapon at any one point in time, to prevent clutter.
    • Added the Infernal rank.
    • Added the ability to increase render distances.
    • Added the brand new re-done nicknaming system.
    • The chat censor has had a few of it's more.. sensitive.. abilities revoked.
    • The Reindeer ikit has been readded.
    • Mob AI now works significantly better.
    • The prestige cap was removed.
    • Fear was removed.
    • /repair was improved.
    • Plenty more misc. changes.
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    I'm not even halfway through all that "Miscellaneous Changes" and I'm kinda impressed how many little details and problems you fixed! Like doing /warzone from an island or the fixes for mobarena. It's great to see someone actually wants to fix all the problems and not just the majour ones everyone kept complaining about! :)
    Good Job Guys and I'm hyped for the launch!!!