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  • Important Update Release Contest for The First Islands


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    Happy Holidays everyone, we are thrilled to be approaching the launch of the First Islands after nearly a year. And we're excited to announce a couple of ways for you to start off the new islands with additional rewards. This contest can be entered via one entry or both methods for an upgraded reward.​

    Option 1: Invite Contest - Random Immortal Shard on TFI

    We've added the invite manager bot to the Discord, and with this, we can track invites! We want to grow the community and be able to keep the project going for everyone to enjoy. To enter this method, invite 20 or more friends to the Hellbounds discord by a new invite.

    We will be reviewing invites/entries to verify that they are not botted accounts. Friends invited by a default invite or someone else's invite will not be counted towards your total.

    Option 2: Trailer repost - Random Immortal Shard on TFI

    To enter this method, repost the trailer to your YouTube channel and receive at least 200 views on it, you must post the video as public with the description listed below to be eligible. You are able to download the trailer file here.

    Hellbounds brings custom mechanics and features to Minecraft, giving a familiar but brand-new experience for you to enjoy. Playing on Hellbounds, you'll find a plethora of unique abilities, mechanics, and features.
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    Website: https://hellbounds.net
    Discord: https://discord.gg/kbDB9YHwCQ
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/HellboundsMC
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    Option 3: Both of the above options - Eternal Shard on TFI

    You're also able to do both entry options and get an Eternal shard instead of an Immortal Shard.

    Submission instructions:​

    Please navigate to https://hellbounds.net/form/tfi-release-contest.14/select to submit your entry for this contest.