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  • PandaMagDiabetes's Suggestion - Furkan ッ#7269

    Username: pleasechangeme123

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    What is your Discord username? Furkan ッ#7269

    Brief description of your suggestion.
    Make Creepers useful

    Detailed explanation of your suggestion.
    So basically, few days ago creepers were worth 40m, now they are 29mil worth, because everyone is selling them, because they are not giving enough money. For an Example, people with 400 creeps are only making 10-20m/h, which isnt good. I thought creeps are like special, but look like they aren't.

    How do you think this would improve Hellbounds?
    People would keep them and use them + they would be worth more.

    Anything else you'd like to add?
    Heyo @pleasechangeme123
    I definitely agree that there should be some changes made to creeper spawners. I think that the sell-price for gunpowder and not the spawn rates should be changed. The more creeper spawn the more items like Combuster and TNT you get.


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    I also agree. Gunpowder stacks into a 64 stack, unlike the enderpearls 16 stack, and the stack still sells for less. If gunpowder received a buff then the spawners would be more useful for making money. If the spawn rate was increased it would make it so you need less of them because the entity limit would be reached faster, but it would also result in more unwanted items. I think it would be nice to have a mix of both things changed in order to make them more worthwhile.