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  • Denied Mystical18's Suggestion - A Better Experience

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    Username: Mystical

    What is your in-game username?

    Brief description of your suggestion.
    A Better Experience

    Detailed explanation of your suggestion.
    My suggestion is about the player's overall experience and ability to play the game due to ping.
    My last suggestion was rushed to conclusion & closed.
    What I'm suggesting now is not to revert the host but to change it again for multiple reasons that will help the server hit a wide variety of community's and also by keeping the EU/German's Ms the smooth 90-120.
    What I was thinking about was changing the host near Texas which is in the middle of the old host and the new host.
    Reasons are because 35% of the community either have 280-340ms due to the bad host, and the rest just have 10-80ms.
    Changing the host to the middle area will make it playable for all player's & I don't think I would need to go in depth again.

    Suggesting the new host would give
    US/Canadian Players: 10-70ms
    EU/German Players: 90-120ms
    Oceania Players: 190-210ms (Stable Connection)

    How do you think this would improve Hellbounds?
    This will ensure a better experience for all regions. Eu players will still have the 90ms and Oceania player's will be able to play with a smoother WAY less spikey experience.

    Anything else you'd like to add?

    What would you like to add?
    Map for a new host: snipboard.io/kgveUy.jpg please take a look at this
    Not open for further replies.