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  • ItsSnowyAmelia's Suggestion - Frost Mine Mystic Timbers


    Username: SnowyAmelia

    What is your in-game username?

    Brief description of your suggestion.
    Frost Mine Mystic Timbers

    Detailed explanation of your suggestion.
    Currently, the Frost Mines have every type of easily obtainable openable, except the Mystic Timber. At the same time, many players are trying to obtain Mystic Timbers, however they're only being obtained through weekly ikit claims, or by chance in skydrops, item lottery, or other openables. There are simply way too many players looking for a small amount of Mystic Timbers, which is consequently causing the price of Mystic Timbers to be anywhere from $4M to $5.5M.

    It is understandable if this was done on purpose, however given the circumstances, I feel players should have another way of obtaining this certain openable.

    Proposed Solution: Add a small feature within the Frost Mines that will be able to incorporate a mineable Mystic Timber (example: a Campfire, or a Woodpile).

    I have noticed that there is currently a woodpile at the Northern Frost Mine, however at this time it is featureless. With a mineable Mystic Timber, players would have an incentive to explore the frost mines further.

    How do you think this would improve Hellbounds?
    This would be able to improve the overall player experience, and would be able to assist the rather inflated Mystic Timber economy.

    Anything else you'd like to add?

    What would you like to add?
    This potential change is targeted toward TFI, the new island, or even both.


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    Senior Moderator
    I like how mystic timbers are now and would not like to see them added to the frost mine.


    New member
    I like this idea but I feel that adding a mineable block openable for maybe 1 or 2 mystic timbers would still leave the pricing for them relatively competitive.


    Yeah this is a great idea!! I do think maybe just 1 at each is all that could be put there due to the sell price and keeping it balanced