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  • Content HellBounds Task & Picture Event

    Added to Calendar: 23-03-22, 24-03-22, 25-03-22, 26-03-22


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    Welcome to the Task & Picture Event!

    Hello, and welcome to the Server Task/Picture Event! We hope that this one reaches out to every type of player, and can be done no matter how little you are acquainted with the server’s mechanics. It will begin on Wednesday, March 23rd, and will last until Saturday, March 26th. Tasks will be posted at 5pm EST. Here’s how this event works:

    Once a day, there will be a set of tasks (Easy, Medium, and Hard) posted in the server-task-event channel. Additionally, there will also be one task asked that allows members to take a picture of their in-game character in a certain place in the Warzone. The place will be hinted at through a posted picture of a staff member’s in-game character that is situated in the location. Players must screenshot themselves in the same location in order to win the reward. The first player who successfully posts the correct screenshot in #server-task-event-submissions on discord will get the reward.

    As for the set of tasks, players must record themselves completing the task in order to get the reward. The first player who submits a video of them successfully completing all asked tasks of an easy, medium, or hard task in #server-task-event-submissions on discord will win.

    1. Task submissions should be recorded and unedited, with an in-game date on or after the day the task is asked. In-game picture submissions should be uncropped and unedited as well. Please post pictures in third person frontal view.
    2. Keep the submissions channel on topic
    3. Post submissions in the following format: [Submission Type (Easy, Medium, Hard, or Picture)] [Link to the submission]
    4. Have fun! This event is purely for everyone to have fun. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, make a ticket and a member of staff will get to helping you.

    Easy- 2 Immortal Boosters
    Medium- Random Corrupted Kit Key
    Hard- Random Immortal Shard
    Picture- Obtainable Prefix of Choice

    Thank you all!