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    1658115489390.pngHi everyone! Welcome to our first Hellbounds Elemental-themed event, which will bring out and encourage our such talented player builders to show us what they are made of whilst building epic boss arenas for the Elemental warzone. This event will start by the time this post is published, and last until July 31st. By the 31st, all build submissions MUST be submitted to the 'Event Submissions' category on the forums. From there, they will be copy and pasted to the discord for voting by the community. Now, lets get to the rules!

    1. If you plan on participating, please DM Will on discord (darealwill#4460) the theme you plan on taking on (Fire, Water, Air, or Earth). This is to avoid many duplicate builds so that we can try to have builds across every element to vote on.
    2. Builds must be built on either Magic or TFI (version 1.8.9) to allow us to copy it over to the new world if your build wins.
    3. Builds must be appropriate and fit the theme.
    4. There is no size limit, but do keep in mind the relative sizes of the current boss arenas.
    5. There will be no 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rankings. The top voted player for each theme will get their build selected for such theme, and an exclusive trail. HOWEVER, each player who participates will receive an exclusive prefix (available only to them) that fits the theme of their chosen element.

    Contrary to our last build event, you MAY submit screenshots of your build instead of recordings.

    We are excited to see everyone's exceptional builds! Good luck to all of you. Oh and Elemental release? Soon™️.
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