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  • GYMBROMYSTIC & AlwaysRuns's Suggestion - Mystical#6576


    New member
    Username: Mystical

    What is your in-game username?
    GYMBROMYSTIC & AlwaysRuns

    What is your Discord username? Mystical#6576

    Brief description of your suggestion.
    Expansion Partnership

    Detailed explanation of your suggestion.
    I was thinking that if hellbounds did a partnership with a known practice pvp server which supports 1.7/1.8.
    How would this work?
    A practice server for example like Minemen club have different gamemodes/ladders they host on there server, I thought it would be a great idea if there was a Hellbounds gamemode created.

    Hellbounds kit ladder would include:
    Armour (meta): God helmet/God Chestplate/God Leggings, God Boots. (Soul stones should be in use but doing a poll for how many on the set should be done)
    - God Sword (abilitys: Rage & Slam)
    - God Axe (Abilitys: Shuffle/Bolt/toss)
    - God Shovel (Abilitys: Bury & landmine)
    Ender Bow (with arrows)
    Ender pearls 4stacks
    Spells: Flash heal,Dispell,Exspells,Batbombs,LingeringDispel (All x64)
    Golden Apples x64
    God Apples x32
    Gravity gun (glowstone dust x64)

    This gamemode would start off with a random spinner that chooses a kit givin to both sides for example (Illu vs frosty) etc, all set bonus abilitys will be in use and would create more of a diverse playing field, this will also secure that no player can choose his main or favourite kit ability in a ranked fight to get the upper hand, This will also help the practice community gain a diverse exposure to different set bonus abilitys.

    Extra gamemode options: if doing a friendly /duel. Add the ability to choose whatever set bonus with the number of soulbinds. (only in /duels)

    Gamemode maps: The void is a very important role for pvp on hellbounds, so no flat or proper prac map would suit it, I would say to use a main island from the warzone as the pvp map for the duel with also players starting off on two different sides but not on the actual map, they should spawn on the little parkcore islands and make their way to the centre of the map.
    For example:
    Magic map 1: Iconic warzone island aka North 3 would be in use.
    You could set up multiple maps and use the older islands aswell like Dino/Cartoon/Ice Etc. I would help pick out the best island if needed for the pvp map, or create a poll in the future.
    Magic north 3 screenshot: https://ibb.co/nkk3JgJ

    How do you think this would improve Hellbounds?
    This will improve hellbounds in many ways:
    1: Will bring more exposure to the server which will make the server more known.
    2: Building block for a new community to be created.
    3: Will bring back the pvp competitiveness.
    4: More players = more donantions to the server (New players = more purchased ranks and other items from the store)
    5: New mode will be recorded and played by many, by semi famous youtubers with up to 100k subscribers. (More exposure)
    6: Probablity of old players coming back (Some dont even know hellbounds exists)
    7: In my experience I have never seen a practice server will a samiler kit to what hellbounds has to offer, this will greatly create hype for hellbounds next season.
    8: Would create a new era for practice pvp which has never truely been seen before, and again would make pvp really competitive and bring it back to life again.
    9: Once one practice server has the gamemode, alot of hype will happen and would make other servers wanna be apart of the partnership. (Which will create more partnerships with more of a diverse community)
    10: The gain of a new community will also come with a gain of more diverse and unqiue suggestions for more improvements from different players perspectives.

    Anything else you'd like to add?

    What would you like to add?
    I will like to help with this development in any was possible. heres my discord again Mystical#6576. Thank you for reading my suggestion.