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  • Important Before you Appeal: Appeal FAQs

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    Punishment Appeals: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Welcome to the HellBounds punishment appeal guide! Before you submit your appeal, we encourage you to read through this thread to understand the process and policies of appealing your punishment on HellBounds.

    How do I Appeal a punishment?
    Go to hellbounds.net/appeal/ and fill out the form accordingly.
    Be sure to include ALL relevant information regarding the punishment you're disputing in your initial submission, read below for more information.

    What Information do I submit in an Appeal?
    When submitting an appeal, it is important to state as much as possible, as this makes the investigation and review of the appeal by a staff member much more straightforward and efficient, meaning your appeal will be resolved quicker!
    You may attach any relevant evidence and information to support your reasoning for your punishment being lifted when initially filing the appeal. This may include statements, screenshots, videos relating to your punishment, or anything else that may be helpful in understanding the situation.

    What punishments can I Appeal?

    We only allow punishments (ie. mutes and bans) with the duration of over 24 hours to be appealed. The only situation where we will accept an appeal under that duration is If it was issued by mistake. So please do not appeal if your punishment is 24 hours or under.
    We allow users to appeal punishments on all of our platforms; in-game, discord, and the forums using our appeal system. If a user is banned from our Forums though, they may reach out on Discord to appeal.

    Can I Appeal on behalf of someone I know?
    • We do not allow users to appeal on someone else's behalf. The appeal must be submitted by the owner of the account the punishment was actioned on, you may not appeal for a friend or such.
    • Parents may appeal on behalf of their children if their account is punished.

    My brother went on my account and did it, my friend did it, etc.
    • We hear this excuse every day. Your account is your responsibility, and you are held accountable for all actions taken on it, regardless of who did it. We will not accept an appeal just because someone came onto your account or computer and caused the action to be taken against your account.

    How long does it take to get an outcome for an Appeal?
    • Expect around 48 hours for us to review your appeal and get back to you. If we need any additional information, we will reach out.
    • If we do not receive a response from you within 48 hours of responding to your appeal, we will close it.
    • All decisions are final, but you may re-appeal in the time frame given by the staff member who handles your appeal, or you may appeal again after 2 weeks of receiving the outcome of your last appeal.

    If you have any further inquiries after reading this thread, you are welcome to reach out to a member of the Staff Team for further clarification.

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