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    1. darealwill

      Content HellBounds Task & Picture Event

      Welcome to the Task & Picture Event! Hello, and welcome to the Server Task/Picture Event! We hope that this one reaches out to every type of player, and can be done no matter how little you are acquainted with the server’s mechanics. It will begin on Wednesday, March 23rd, and will last until...
    2. darealwill

      Content HellBounds April Karaoke

      Welcome to the April Karaoke! We're excited to have everyone here again! The same rules apply to this one, and we will be hosting giveaways throughout the duration of the stage to all who listen in, so be sure to not miss out. Thanks, and sign up below if you wish to sing...
    3. darealwill

      Quality of Life Update Update 1.4 - Mob loot changes, KOTH openable, Fishing Openable

      I guess I'll take third this time :cautious:
    4. darealwill

      Content HellBounds TFI Warzone Build Event

      Hello, and welcome to HellBounds' first Warzone Build Event! This event will give players the chance at having their wonderful builds added to the TFI warzone. We will be accepting three different submission types, each holding top 3 winners. Our first submission type will limit builds to be a...
    5. darealwill

      Hey Everyone!!

      Tea is literally amazing. Anyhow, I would want to meet Michael Jackson
    6. darealwill


      HI GLUE
    7. darealwill


    8. darealwill

      Favorite Ikit

      Reindeer for the warzone fun
    9. darealwill

      Magic VS The First Islands

      I believe TFI will be great. Personally looking forward to the warzone and the different new challenges