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    1. SweetAmalia


    2. SweetAmalia

      Heyoo everyone

      Heyoo everyone
    3. SweetAmalia

      C-kit Removal Poll

      I like the additions of those ckits bc some are based on a certain skill like mining but ckits like fw3 could use a nerf as from the complaints i heard.
    4. SweetAmalia

      Second ILL TAKE IT

      It looks so appealing , doesn't it
    5. SweetAmalia

      Favorite Ikit

      I voted flower because this island camper doesn't want to lose hunger :)
    6. SweetAmalia

      Magic VS The First Islands

      Yeaa , thinking about going to ice yk lol
    7. SweetAmalia

      Magic VS The First Islands

      Heyy! Small introduction, I'm Amalia and I'm currently helper on the server since 25th of September and play on Magic. I created this thread to see people's opinion regarding the new island releasing and how they think magic is currently going. Personally, I am hyped for the new island and...