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  • Important Official HellBounds Blacklisted & Approved Clients and Modifications

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    - Hellbounds Blacklisted & Approved Clients List -

    HellBounds do not have a Forum copy of our Blacklisted & Approved clients document at this time, as it is currently contained on a Google Document, which can be accessed via the links below. The reason for this is because Google Docs makes the document more accessible, as it is easier to access, and easier to navigate than a Forum thread. You can only access our Blacklisted Clients list from the following links, any other links are NOT official HellBounds property.

    Keep in mind this document is subject to change and is continually being updated with new information. The document is also not exhaustive, meaning just because it isn't listed, it doesn't necessarily mean it's permitted. You're welcome to reach out to a member of our Staff Team if you have any concerns or inquiries relating to the Blacklisted & Approved Clients list.

    Our Official List of Approved & Blacklisted clients can be found at this link: https://bit.ly/HellBoundsBlacklistedClients.
    A direct link can be found here.

    You may find our other Official Guidelines & Policies, including our Server Rules, via the Rules and Information forum category, found here.

    Not open for further replies.